Ken Block Remembered

ULU founder Paul Hembery who had a 25 year career in motorsport, was left devastated by the sudden death of rally star and youtube sensation Ken Block.

“ It is a terrible way to start the year, losing one of the great showmen of modern motorsport. He was such a great guy, never had a bad word to say, and was always full of new ideas and initiatives. He dragged motorsport into understanding the power of social media, and provided great joy to many millions of fans.

I will never forget trying to get him into an F1 car, sadly to no avail, as Ken was a sturdy boy. It just did not work. But there were also many fun years on the WRC. Ken came to it as an amateur driver in some respects, as his rally years were dominated more by his shows, but he proved to be an abable and capable driver all over the world. His car control skills were amazing. I will never forget his fun attitude, but right now your heart goes out to his family and close friends, as they have lost a great guy. RIP Ken , you will be greatly missed. “

How Ken Block came oh-so-close to a Formula 1 test

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